You’re NOT rubbish at writing

Do you know something I hear A LOT when introducing myself to new people and telling them what I do for a living?

‘I’m rubbish at writing’.

Usually, this is said with a sad shake of the head. The same admission is often followed with the tale of the traumatic English class experience that crushed the speaker’s writing confidence.

In all honesty, you are probably not a rubbish writer. But you might well be experiencing blocks, something that even perfectly good writers grapple with from time to time.  

Writing blocks can be caused by all kinds of things, but here are three serious blockers I’ve come across. Read on – do any of these ring a bell?

Common Blocks

Lack of confidence: this can be caused by all kinds of things. I’ve already mentioned bad experiences at school. But we can also be crippled by the comparisons we make between ourselves and other writers. It’s all too easy to go on to read someone else’s website or blog post and think:

‘Why can’t I write like they do?’

Well, the answer is simple. You can’t write like they do because you’re NOT them. You can, however, write like the best version of YOU. That’s achievable and that’s what you should be aiming for.

A lost writing mojo: the single greatest cause of a lost writing mojo is not feeling genuinely interested in what you’re writing about. When you care about something, the words just flow. You don’t need to check your word count every few minutes – instead, you feel pumped and in the zone. So, if you’re struggling to write about your business, maybe it’s a sign. Are there any tweaks you need to make to your offer? Or do you need to find another angle to write about?

Not being copy savvy: copywriting is a specific kind of writing with a specific purpose – namely wooing customers and getting sales! It’s therefore very different from writing a report or a business email. What works for those types of writing just won’t cut it when it comes to copy. You need to know your stuff – headline writing, formatting, branding and tone of voice all have an important part to play here.

Overcoming writing blocks

You don’t have to resign yourself to being rubbish at writing – and neither should you. If you want your business to succeed, choosing the right words to market yourself is absolutely crucial. Working on your writing skills will ultimately save you time and make you money.

If you need help overcoming your writing blocks, check out the offers on my services page. From an hour-long Copy Boost session to an intensive 1-1 copywriting programme, I can help you identify your writing blocks and guide you in taking the action you need to overcome them.

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