What’s stopping you from finding your video voice?

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Ah, video. It’s so shareable, so engaging, such a vital part of your tourism marketing strategy…

And it can also seem like such a bloomin’ faff, can’t it?

All that hassle of:

  • choosing the perfect location
  • waiting for a good hair day to align with a good face day
  • making sure your children and pets are being entertained in another room

And all that before you’ve even tackled the knotty problem of what on earth you’re going to say!

The thing is, if you’re a tourism professional you really need to be making video a key part of your marketing strategy. Bet you know that deep down, don’t you?

A perfectly imperfect video I shared on LinkedIn recently, complete with small photo-bomber!

The power of video marketing in tourism

1. You can tell great stories

We all know that storytelling is an important part of creating that connection with potential customers. And video is an amazing way of doing this.

Imagine the possibilities! With a short video, you can:

  • capture the sights and sounds of a local festival
  • take potential customers on a drive/tram ride/cycle trip
  • demonstrate how to cook a local dish

2. You can build know, like, trust

Don’t underestimate the huge leap of faith people make when pressing that ‘Book Now’ button. They’ve never met you before, and now you’re expecting them to hand over their hard-earned dough on the basis of what they’ve read about you online? Seems like a big ask, doesn’t it?

Obviously, anything you can do to make that leap of faith that little bit more manageable is a bonus.

No amount of brand photos (no matter how amazing they are) can ever compensate for a lack of video. Only video can give potential customers that holistic impression of what you are really like: your voice, accent, mannerisms, way of speaking – all the things that make you you!

3. You can skyrocket your visibility

Me neither (well, not until I was researching this blog post). But it does confirm my growing gut feeling that a tourism business without a video strategy needs to rethink, and fast.

So how come the vast majority of tourism websites I visit have loads of great photos, but no videos?

Common video creation blockers

Last year, I went on a pretty major CPD drive. And one of the courses I took was a video creation course for educators.

It was an amazing course, with a brilliant facilitator and a supportive cohort of fellow-students. I came away feeling inspired, and totally ready to start implementing all I had learned.

So what went wrong? Well, lots of niggling little doubts started to creep in, namely:

  • Argh! I don’t have the time to edit videos and upload them to YouTube
  • I might wait till my phone is due an upgrade. And I could do with buying a mic, maybe a ring light too?
  • Should I book myself in for a make-up tutorial, so I look a bit more professional?
  • I feel so much more comfortable writing…think I’ll stick with that for now.
  • Where did these black roots come from? Better get to the hairdressers…
  • How come all the other copywriting coaches on Instagram look so young/beautiful/well-dressed? How can I compete?

I know I’m not alone in experiencing these particular doubts. But they can be very persistent, can’t they? So persistent, in fact, that a friendly push might be needed from an expert video coach.

Luckily, I’ve got one lined up for you!

Ashley Griffiths is a confidence on video coach who supports his clients to put their personality and passion front and centre of their marketing. I know he’s going to have so many great tips and insights to share, so I’m chuffed to bits that he’ll be joining me on Tour Pro Talks next Wednesday, over on LinkedIn.

Hope you can join us!

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