Well, hello!

Or, as we say in Shetland, ‘Hiyi!’

Thanks so much for popping by.

My name's Genevieve, and I'm a copywriter and copywriting coach. I live in Shetland, a wind-swept archipelago nestling between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Let me help you tell your story...

Shetland is well-known for its annual fire festival, Up Helly-Aa, where hundreds of locals in fancy-dress parade the streets before setting fire to a Viking boat.

In recent years, these islands have also become associated with the TV crime drama Shetland. Keep your eyes peeled for the eighth series which stars me (or, more truthfully, the back of my head) as a scene of the crime officer! Fame at last.

But that's enough about me - what about you?

I know that, as a tour professional, you'll have fascinating stories to tell about the place where you live and work. What’s more, I think that you (yes, you!) are the best person to tell these stories. 

What you write online has the power to grow your audience, attract more sales, and earn more money. Never under-estimate the power of your words.

Sometimes words don't come easily. Or perhaps you know what you want to say, but don't know how to say it.

Let me help you with that.  My students describe me as ‘encouraging’, ‘approachable’ and ‘inspiring’. But don’t take my word for it – read the testimonials dotted around this website.

 You can also connect with my via my socials.

I've got your back!

Years of teaching have helped me to understand the different challenges that writing can throw up for people. 

As a writer, I’ve been visited by the blank page of doom myself. But through experience I’ve learned how to:

• get to grip with writer's block

• identify my own unique writing voice (and feel comfortable using it)

• write stuff that gets read (you’re reading this, aren’t you?)

And I can help you with all of this too!

Why not get in touch about your project? I'll ask lots of questions to find out what you need from me. And, if I think I can help, we'll get things moving.

Book your free 15 minute call and take your first step towards confident copywriting.

Still on the fence? Read what my clients have to say.

"Restored my hope in marketing myself"

On reading Genevieve’s LinkedIn profile, I decided to follow up on her coaching offer. Our session together restored my hope in marketing myself and my business. I feel that I’ve been able to turn around my approach to marketing, and that I am now on the right path. I was surprised by how Genevieve went above and beyond in her efforts to help me succeed, and I now feel my Baheka Travel Business is going in a new direction I would never have thought possible. I’d recommend Genevieve’s coaching service to any business person, regardless of the industry they work in.

Herbert Bagyenyi

"Genevieve's work has helped attract thousands of visitors"

Having previously worked with Genevieve at The Shetland Times and Shetland Life magazine, I knew she had an engaging writing style that would appeal to the Promote Shetland audience.

As part of the team of regular Promote Shetland contributors Genevieve’s work has helped attract thousands of visitors to shetland.org – promoting the islands as an excellent place to live, work, visit, study and invest.

Genevieve’s friendly but professional approach makes working together easy.

Adam Civico