Woo your ideal clients with the power of words.

Hey, tour guides and tour operators of the world! I'm Genevieve and I’m here to help you build your online presence, attract your dream clients and make more money.

You’re a hard-working tour professional, just itching to share your dream destination with your ideal clients. You’re friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. So how come you’re not beating off your ideal clients with a stick? Why is it that your tours are never fully subscribed? And why on earth are you charging less than you’re worth? Could it be that your marketing copy is just not cutting it?

Let me help you with that. I’m a certified copywriter based in the wild and beautiful Shetland Islands. I’ve been an educator for 20 years, a freelance writer for 10, and have had the travel bug for as long as I can remember. Now I’m combining these three passions to help tour guides and tour operators like you write great marketing copy, get more customers and make more money.

Get great copy

Understand the hows and whys of copywriting. Discover the power of storytelling and explore your unique tone of voice.

Master your message

Get under the bonnet of your business to crystallise your marketing message.

Get yourself seen with SEO 

Get to grips with SEO, so your clients can find you easily.

Beat your writing blocks

Overcome your personal writing challenges, with my support. 

Adam Civico, 

Head of Content Marketing,

Promote Shetland

Genevieve’s writing is always professional and sticks to the brief. She has a solid understanding of the Promote Shetland brand and provides copy that is clear, creative and compelling.

You’re passionate about your tour business, so why does writing about it feel so hard?

Maybe you’re:

·  running out of ideas for social media posts and emails

· struggling to grow your audience

·  not posting as often as you should

·  finding it impossible to know if your blog posts and emails are hitting the spot

·  hesitating to charge what you’re worth

·  losing confidence in your ability to write fresh, compelling copy


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